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Some of us are planners. Like serious list-makers with 5 and 10 year plans. And red pens to cross things off as they get done. We like to know exactly how things will turn out. But see… we’re not in charge. And for some of us, that’s hard to take sometimes. For me, I was a content mom of 2 kiddos, with a business plan and ideas to travel. And then… I found out I was pregnant. And I was upset. Like really upset. It wasn’t on my list. My body hadn’t worked correctly when I was ready to have babies and it had to have help to create these precious little beings and then… when I’m 37 years old, it decides to work?

Meet Amber, a sweet mommy planner whom I’ve known since I was in 2nd grade (I think!). We were stand partners in high school orchestra and we got along superbly, because we were so similar. And she had a plan. And her body didn’t work right either. And then she got pregnant, and upset; it wasn’t on her list either.

But see… these sweet little souls, my Isla and her Evelyn… I believe they were sent to teach us a lesson. To show that our plans aren’t the best. I can not imagine my life now without my God-planned baby. And I know without a doubt, that Amber is head over heels in love with her God-planned baby.

Congratulations Amber, Jason and Evan! It was an honor to photograph your precious little soul!

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