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It's so much fun getting to watch my clients grow! This sweet family took advantage of still being able to have a photo shoot at Kauffman Gardens and it was a beautiful evening that resulted in some fabulous images!
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can you buy celebrex in canada

Another beautiful day in the park with a mama and her beautiful daughters! I love the interaction between a mom and her kiddo's! These 2 obviously adored their mama. :) Happy early Mother's Day!
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So, this is how trained my children are… Monday night Ryan had batting practice at Hodge Park Athletic Field. As we're sitting there waiting for him to finish up, I'm looking around at how pretty the trees are and notice a bridge and a walking trail. I casually mention how I should come back the next day to walk around. Hannah says, "this would be a great place to take pictures...
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Finally got this Mommy & Me session in tonight and it was definitely worth the wait!! How cute is this little family? There are still 2 Mommy & Me sessions available! Contact me today to schedule one!
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2015 Anniversary Specials

Thank You! For 9 years, I've had the pleasure of watching your families grow and capturing moments that I know you will treasure for years to come…bridal sessions, first babies, announcing more babies, seeing little ones turn a year older year after year. You make my "job" so much fun and rewarding. When your little ones hug me at each sitting or I get emails saying that you w...

Mommy and Me Mini Sessions!

Here's the deal… we as mama's (especially new mama's) rarely feel like having our pictures taken. I know. I'm there. I've been there before. We're never on time. We throw our make-up on in the car. Who knows the last time we actually blow dried our hair… We change clothes 2-3 times a day because of spit-up and poop. Our main goal is making sure our little ones look as cute a...

A Few Easter Mini’s

Thank you to every one who came out on Sunday for the Easter Mini Sessions! Here are a few sneak's from Sunday's sessions. The Mommy and Me Mini Sessions are coming up on Sunday, April 19th! Contact me to schedule!

The Last of The Snow?

I was a little bummed this year because none of my snow sessions actually happened….so I tortured my own children! They lasted all of about 5 minutes! :) Now that that I got a snow "session" out of my system, I'm ready for SPRING!!! Head over to the calendar to book your session today!

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