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I think with as many in-home sessions lately, I should shut my studio down!! I love the fact that each in-home session is totally unique and not at all like the previous one. Meet 6 day old Reagan and her beautiful family!   Booking now for May-July 2015!
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buy celebrex generic online

Another beautiful newborn. Beautiful family. Beautiful home. I'm really enjoying all of the in-home sessions I've been doing recently. While I love that I have a studio to work out of when the occasion needs a studio, I think that the clients who choose an in-home session, whether for a newborn or not, will cherish their images so much more! This brave mama just moved into t...
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Thank You! For 9 years, I've had the pleasure of watching your families grow and capturing moments that I know you will treasure for years to come…bridal sessions, first babies, announcing more babies, seeing little ones turn a year older year after year. You make my "job" so much fun and rewarding. When your little ones hug me at each sitting or I get emails saying that you w...
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Welcome, Baby Lucas!!

I love love love growing families!!! Little Lucas is one loved little guy with 2 big brothers and a big sister to spoil him crazy! I've photographed each of these kiddo's since they were born and each session is always a pleasure. If you are pregnant and interested in a newborn session, contact me to set up your tentative date!

Welcome, Baby CJ!!

In-home sessions are so much fun! I get a much better feel for the client's likes and artistic styles, just by being in their home. This little man was a champ today. After staying awake for the first hour I was there, he finally snuggled in and we got some fantastic shots. I hope you love your images Christian and Lynn! Your baby boy is just precious.   If ...

Welcome, Baby Porter!!

I love when families grow!! I've photographed this little guy's big brother and sister many times, and it was so much fun meeting their newest addition! I can't wait to watch this little man over the next year.  

Welcome, Baby Naomi!!

It's always fun (and a little depressing) when I get to photograph baby's of kiddos whom I've know for a long time! At 4 days old this little girl is already so loved and just amazingly precious. Born on Dr. Seuss' birthday, mama wanted to make sure and include a small Seussical theme which turned out super cute. I hope you love your images, Amanda and Kenny! I can't wait to wa...

Welcome, Baby Betsy!!

I'm on a roll with newborn girls this week! This 5 pound little peanut was another dream to work with! The first image below with Eloise is one of my favorites from these 2 sisters… I'm not sure if it's because Betsy's eyes opened at the touch of her big sister, Eloise's sweet eyelashes looking down at her new best friend, or the cute little piggies… It's all-encompassing of a ...

Welcome, Baby Genevieve!!

Oh be still my heart!! My first newborn of 2015 and she was an absolute angel. Miss Genevieve was one of the Free Newborn Sitting winners from last year. At just 5 days old, she's an absolute beauty with a head full of hair and a few smiles to share. Love every one of these!!!   Now booking through March 2015. Book your appointment today!

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